What Happened To Hip-Hop???? (Blog With DJ_Bronson)

Did FM Radio Destroy Hip-Hop Music??

Over the years as hip-hop grew as a cooperate business, the industry seems to have lost its originality.  Once upon a time a rapper couldn't even use the same word as another, or it was considered "biting."  I have reasons to believe that record labels and FM radio stations are to blame for hip-hop sounding like one big "posse" cut. In the beginning, major record labels thought rap was a fad and they wanted nothing to do with it. In the 90's when rap really started to stake its claim as a force in the music business, original sounds and lyrical content had to be exceptional to get a label to even look at you. Nowadays the industry wants to know who you sound like (i.e. "Future, Migos, Lil Yatchy, and the rest of them) for them the meet with you. No disrespect to those any of today's artists, but back in the day Nas couldn't sound like Jay-Z; Mobb Deep couldn't sound like Wu Tang Clan. In my personal opinion, the world wants to hear real Hip-Hop again. This message is for those FM radio stations and record labels to stop promoting the garbage that is currently flooding the industry, because it forces artists to gravitate toward a particular sound to be heard and stifles creativity. Is the money really worth the sacrifice of the artistry? Can we get back to the REAL rap music?

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