In the midst of what is currently going on in the Gulf area as a result of Harvey, we here a Hood Heat Radio want to let everyone know that we are supporting our local affiliates have begun a campaign for funds and materials to help the victims dealing with this natural disaster. Although we are fierce advocates of regional displays of artistry, this is no time to allow something so minute on the grand scale of humanity to come between us. The Hip-Hop community needs to stand together at this time to assist with the healing. Plain and simple, we need to take care of our own. The Houston area has provided us with tons of memorable people and moments in our genre, none of who should be forgotten at this time. It is a time like this that we are not to sit around a complain about what someone else can do but hasn't, or what somebody should have done but didn't; these are the times that we are to rally ourselves, combine our efforts and resources to do what we can for each other. The opportunity has presented itself for us to show the WORLD what we are made of! Let's keep the focus where it needs to be, and that is on making everyone that was affected by this tragedy whole, reinvigorating the region, and saving the culture that comes from such. Stand UP, Stand UNITED, Stand BOLD!

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