ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! (Blog with Mitch Thos)

So the NFL season has began amid the discussion of yet ANOTHER incident of alleged misconduct by police regarding a Black man, and NFL player. Albeit, by the grace of GOD, this particular incident did not lead to the death of this particular Black man, it is still a sign of the times and worth considerable attention from our community. It is important that we do not allow ourselves to become numb by the frequency of these types of occurrences as semblance of acceptance. Moreover, we, as Black people do not stand by dormant as if it's business as usual. We, you, me, all of us, yes, every man, woman, and child is affected by this form of disrespect we are forced to endure. If you feel as though you are not affected, (tsk tsk tsk as I smh) I feel sorry for you! That means you are detached (or so you think) and cannot possibly be the one pulled over, on the highway. Oh, you don't drive? They are following, stopping, and killing Black people that are walking down the street too! You haven't heard? Oh, you're covered as a believer? I feel as though I am too, but they're walking in churches and coming out with smoking guns as well... None of us are safe. They do not respect our lives, they do not respect our livelihood, but they do respect our MONEY. With that being said, how much do we respect ourselves? Do we respect ourselves ENOUGH to be cognizant of the decisions we're making with our money, to NOT SPEND where we are not respected?? 

After what has just allegedly happened to Michael Bennett, the NFL has not come out and said, "Oh my GOD, maybe there is something to what Colin was talking about!" The Commissioner of the NFL has in turn, gone on record, insulting the intelligence of ANYONE with half a brain, as said that he thinks Colin Kaepernick will get a job. Where, in the NFL, this year? Who do you think you're talking to, Bro? Whose spirit are you trying to appease, OR was that the dog whistle? Did he let the owners know we've proved our point? I think they've learned their lesson.

Well this is how I feel... because the Commissioner believes that Colin will have a job, we SHOULD BOYCOTT the NFL until his belief comes to fruition. I have done away with my NY GIANTS paraphernalia and implore you to do the same with your favorite teams. If there was ever a time, that time is now!! It is time to STAND UP for the brother that took a knee! It is time for us to STAND UP as a community, as a people; we MUST BOYCOTT the NFL because ENOUGH is ENOUGH. There are NO BLACK OWNERS, so there isn't even the slightest percentage of representation on this issue of what it is like to be Black (specifically a Black man) in this country. So we have to speak in the language (money) of the color they all are familiar with (green). As a people, we are not respected by this entity. Colin Kaepernick had the audacity to care about the how Black people are being treated by the Police Departments across the country, and moreso, the effrontery to protest these outcomes. What about how Black people are being treated by the NFL?


We DEMAND respect BECAUSE we've EARNED it, but if you cannot oblige you can continue without our contributions to your billions.

F*** US? No F*** YOU until you show the HOOD the RESPECT we DESERVE from you!


  • Kappa Kat

    Kappa Kat Kappa Land

    Well said. A call to action and is necessary and overdue. BTW are you one of Diggs boys?

    Well said. A call to action and is necessary and overdue.

    BTW are you one of Diggs boys?

  • DJ_Bronson

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    F#ck the NFL!

    F#ck the NFL!

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