About Us

HoodHeat Radio is the podcast division of HoodHeat Multimedia. It was originally founded as Mixtape Radio in 2012 with a focus on local unsigned Hip-Hop artists. It has evolved to what you see today with diverse music from "Hoods" and artists all over the world and has EXCEEDED 1,000,000 listeners as of 2017. Several of today's well known artists have gotten their first taste of airplay, right here on HoodHeat Radio.

Now the station provides a platform for independent artists and record labels to receive airplay, do interviews, and give them WORLDWIDE exposure that they would not otherwise have been afforded by mainstream radio.

We will also continue to assist promoters, sales professionals, and advertising entities with reaching the crowd that dictates popular culture, "The HOOD!"

Featured are:

The "Put Your HOOD on the Map" Track

An artist submits a new record for judgment by WHHR listeners. The record is either MAPPED or CRAPPED. If it is MAPPED, it becomes the "HEAT of the Week!" If it is CRAPPED, the artist can offer another song for consideration. The same goes for producers with beats that they want to submit. It will become the "BEAT of the Week!" 

*There is no limit to what an artist or producer can submit for this segment

The "HEAT of the Week" 

A song determined by WHHR listeners to be HOT! It is played on every show and throughout the day in rotation for an ENTIRE week.

The "BEAT of the Week"

Similar to the "HEAT of the Week," the "BEAT of the Week" is a beat that is determined by WHHR listeners to be HOT! It is played on every show as the each host's background music for an ENTIRE week.

Rap Battle

The Rap Battle is an opportunity to showcase your talent directly against others in a head to head, verse for verse showdown! 

The HoodHeat Radio is undeniably the HOTTEST Station on the 'net! We're "The Station The Indie Artists Turn To, We Play What's HOT in the HOOD!!"